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Drinks Menu

~ Drinks Menu ~

Small Cappuccino £2.40      Regular Cappuccino £2.60 Large Cappuccino £2.80

Cafe Latte £2.70  Mocha £2.90  Iced Coffee £3.00

Espresso £1.80              Double Espresso £2.20

 Small Americano £2.20 Regular Americano £2.40 Large Americano £2.60

Decaffeinated Coffee     £2.20

Flat White Coffee  £2.70

Tea for One     £2.00

Decaffeinated Tea     £2.00

Pot of Speciality Tea- choose from various infusions by ‘Birchalls Teas’     £2.50 

Hot Chocolate with Cadbury’s Flake sprinkles     £2.80



Frobishers Orange Juice £2.50 

Diet Coca Cola £2.80

Bottled water Still/ Carbonated £ 1.50

Locally Pressed Apple Juice by the glass     £3.50

Somerset Soft drinks by Hullabaloos £3.00

Varied selection of soft drinks by Fentimans/ Bottled Green  £3.00


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