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Cakes and More





Toasted Tea Cakes with Dairy Butter     £2.50

 ‘Homebaked’ Cakes       £3.20 per Slice
(Add Clotted Cream at  £1.00)

Choose from a selection of delightful cakes freshly baked on the premises

~ Good selection of GLUTEN FREE cakes and tray bakes also available~ 

~ Somerset Cream Teas (2 Scones, Jam and Clotted Cream, Pot of Tea / Coffee £6.50)
Scone with Butter and Jam £2.00
Scone with Cream and Jam £2.50

~ Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownie £3

Breadpudding and Flapjack  £2.80

(All cakes may contain traces of nuts)  

Savoury Scones are becoming a regular feature at The Lemon Tree; look out for Tasty Cheddar, Goats Cheese, Pear and Walnut, Stilton and Cranberry amongst others. Sublime served warm with butter of course! All at £3.00





Whole Cakes to go – Made to order

~ All cakes are hand-baked on the premises and made to order ~

If you have enjoyed your cake today, why not order a whole one to enjoy at home?


Lemon Drizzle Cake                            £10.00


Somerset Apple Cake                            £10.00


Banana Cake                                      £10.00

Chocolate Cake           £10.00

Chocolate and Beetroot Cake  £10.00                                   


Carrot Cake                                         £10.00


Victoria Sandwich (with fresh cream) £10.00


Coffee and Walnut Cake                     £10.00


Apricot and Cherry Loaf                     £10.00




Please note that all cakes may contain traces of nuts – thank you


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